Vegetable Oil

  • VEGETABLE GHEE for cooking, frying medium, making sweet and confectioneries
  • DOUGH FAT for bread, general bakery and confectioneries.
  • MARGARINE for cakes, creaming, spread, baking, pastries and cooking
  • This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.


  • RBD Palm Oil
  • RBD Palm Olein
  • RBD Palm Olein CP-8
  • RBD Palm Olein CP10
  • PBD Palm Stearin
  • RBD Coconut Oil
  • RBD Palm Kernel Oil
  • RBD Palm Kernel Olein

Application Uses

  • Vegetable Bakery Shortenings: For Food Processing, Restaurant, Bakery and catering industries, house hold for making biscuits, Cakes, pastries, bread and slicing.
  • Facilitates the use chocolate coatings for ice-cream without a high viscosity, allowing thin coatings of chocolate around the ice-cream.
  • Used in Chocolate and as center fat in candy bar and as coating and filler cream.